What does a life free from anxiety look like?

anxiety Mar 14, 2021


Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you were free from anxiety?

If it didn't constantly rear its ugly head , when your just going about your day.

If it didn't get in the way of what is most important to you, or impact on your significant relationships.

What if you could go for that opportunity you have always wanted without it getting in the way?

I can tell you want that means to me in one word...


Anxiety, with all its restrictions, can free like a cage.

A cage that gets smaller and smaller the more the anxiety grows.

However, what if there was a way to escape that cage?

To be free from limits in your life imposed by anxiety and really get to live again.

Have freedom from Anxiety

We all know there is more to life than the barriers erected by anxiety.

That life could be better with less fear and restriction, and a good dose more meaning and joy.

But it so often feels like it isn't a life you have access to, when you struggle with anxiety.

Maybe the best you feel you can hope for is just getting to be normal, or maybe even just surviving.

It's so hard to keep soldiering on with your anxiety when this is all you can see as possible.

How do I know this?

Because I too have been there.

I struggled for years just to keep my head above water.

Trapped inside the anxiety cage that continued to shrink till it felt like I wasn't really living at all.

Finding the keys to unlocking this cage became my mission.

It took me years of searching and learning and growing.

That’s how I overcame my anxiety

And now I can say that for a good number of years I have been free from anxiety and its controls.

It doesn't dictate how I live my life now and because of that my world has expanded hugely.

From unemployed and trapped at home almost to the point of agoraphobia...

I now run a business, YouTube channel, and enjoy being a mum and dog owner.

I travel again, even if currently that is just nationally round New Zealand.

These are things I struggled to see myself ever doing

Now if there is something I want to do, it is not about whether or not my anxiety will allow it.

I'm not terrified about a panic attack hitting me when I'm out and about in public.

I feel confident in myself again and actually enjoy taking on the new challenges in my life.

I never thought I would ever be able to honestly say I love my life.

And that is something I now can say.

I love getting to share that there is a place beyond restriction, survival and even the holy grail of being normal

A place where you are in the driving seat of your life, getting the progress and joy that you want and deserve.

It's time to commit to taking control back from anxiety so you can can live the life you choose not the one anxiety allows you to have.

If you are keen to find Freedom from Anxiety in your life and want to know how to be free from Anxiety.

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