Can you catch anxiety from someone?

anxiety stress Feb 12, 2021

Ever find yourself worried that if you spend time around an anxious friend or hear too much information about anxiety that you will “catch” anxiety – You will become anxious yourself, or will take on a new fear or new form of anxiety, like OCD?

Well, a big thank you to long-time subscriber, Robyn, for asking this question:

Can you catch anxiety?

According to a recent study published in the journal of Memory and Cognition, many people believe this idea…

That you can catch anxiety disorders, anorexia, problems with alcohol, or even schizophrenia from spending time with people with these conditions.

Many of us have had the experience of spending time with someone who is visibly anxious and felt a bit anxious ourselves.

If we were around this all the time, could we end up with their issues?

It’s enough to make you wonder whether you can catch anxiety the same way you catch a cold.

Picture this, you’re at work…

Your manager is sighing… a...

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